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Digital impressions

IntraOral Scanning Technology

Our office now uses Trios – 3 Shape 3D digital impression technology. In many cases we no longer have to use the older style “runny, goopy” impression material. We eliminate the “GAG” factor and are able to get a much better and more accurate scanned impression for fabricating all ceramic crowns and bridges. Our patients find this impression technique much easier and comfortable and we routinely get an excellent fitting final restoration.

TRIOS® is more than an impression

Get a three in one digital impression solution. An intraoral scanner for fast and easy 3D color impression taking; an integrated intraoral camera, so there’s no need to purchase one separately, and shade measurement while you scan, for more accurate and predictable results.

Real Color Scans

Create high quality digital impressions in lifelike colors

Shade Measurement

Measure teeth shades while you scan for more ac­curate and predictable results

HD Photos

Enhance significant details and accurately set the margin line